Employees are afraid to return to work

Combating COVID 19 and Lawsuits

Renew Construction services professionals are trained and certified specifically for COVID 19 to clean and disinfect your home, business and large venues according to the protocols set forth by the CDC.

RCS has Partnered with Florida’s leading Environmental Engineer and Industrial hygienist to provide a “Confident Clean” with

  • Detail cleaning plan (based on floorplan)

  • Certified COVID 19 cleaning Technicians

  • Industrial Hygienist oversees the procedure

  • Sampling and analyze surface samples only for COVID-19. We can provide test results withing 24 hours of sample collection and submittal to the lab using the RT-qPCR analytical technique

  • Provide a letter from Certified Industrial Hygienist that your space tested negative for COVID 19 to prevent the risk of lawsuits.

With years of combined experience we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. Renew Construction Services also provides cleaning products to combat COVID 19.

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We Are Experts

We’re the pros when it comes to handling post-construction, commercial or contracted cleaning. We deliver only exceptional results for our clients.

We Are Committed

Cleaning is often a forgotten step when completing a project. We’re here to help make that process as hassle-free as possible.

We Are Full Service

From the ceilings to carpets and everything else between – we’ve got it handled. We not only haul the junk but clean the mess it leaves behind.

We Are Passionate

While cleaning might not be for everyone, it is everything for Renew Construction Services. We want to set the standard in the industry to provide friendly, reliable cleaning services.

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