STEM Xposure

2021 STEM Xposure GLOBAL Camp 1st Exchange Student studying Architectural Design @ HCC, Tampa FL

Mayor Jane Castor Kickoff Message

2021 Kelly Ring “What’s Right with Tampa Bay” STEM Camp gives children early exposure to exciting career paths

2021 Netflix, Tiny Home Nation, Zach Giffin Podcast interviews STEM Xposure founder Robyn Donaldson as she inspires hope and impact for future generations around the globe using Tiny Home Architecture

2020 Hillsborough County Students learning how to be architects

2020 Jameison Winston & STEM Xposure

2019 High school students designing and building homes in East Tampa

2018 Virtual Summer Camp to teach kids-teens to design tiny homes


Tampa Bay Times,”Tampa based cleaning firm scores super bowl contract”

2021Women-owned business tasked with keeping NFL Super Bowl Experience COVID-19 safe

2021 NFL Kickoff, Renew Construction Services Cleaning up with those NFL Contracts

“Home Depot selected Renew Construction Services to be a Minority Supplier”



2021 CBS NEWS “Bridging the Digital Divide” w/ Tax Collector, Nancy Millan and Ralph Smith

2021 AAUW (American Association of University Women), Tampa Ribbon of Honor Award in recognition of outstanding community work with women and youth to promote self-development education advancement and stem including philanthropic efforts with youth build and mentoring of women entering the construction industry.

2021 Mayor Jane Castor Supports STEM Xposure
Check out the Mayors video

2019 “The Day I understood my assignment” (Hospitalized for Aneurysm and Stroke)